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Before and after photo of teeth whitening treatmentWe here at Calapooia Family Dental love giving our patients a reason to smile. People that are happier with the appearance of their teeth and gums tend to have better self-esteem and smile more. If you are interested in improving the cosmetics of your teeth, professional whitening may be the answer. Our whitening treatment is one of the fastest, easiest, and most effective ways to brighten up your smile!

When Is Whitening Appropriate?

There are two types of stains: intrinsic stains and extrinsic stains. Intrinsic stains develop inside the tooth enamel, commonly referred to as dentin. Dentin can yellow or darken due to overexposure to fluoride, tetracycline antibiotics, oral trauma, or a rare congenital condition known as dentinogenesis imperfecta. Unfortunately, intrinsic stains do not respond to most tooth whitening methods.

Professional whitening treatment is most appropriate for extrinsic stains or stains that develop on the outside of tooth enamel. Extrinsic stains or discolorations often occur due to the consumption of pigment-heavy beverages like coffee, wine, and tea. They can also be the result of aging, tobacco use, and plaque and tartar buildup.

Professional Whitening Process

The professional whitening process varies from patient to patient. The number of whitening appointments we recommend depends on the severity of your stains or discolorations. However, most whitening treatments still follow the same basic steps, which ultimately change the color of your natural teeth.

We typically use a strong bleaching solution, either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, to brighten the color of your enamel. In some instances, we may recommend a procedure that also involves a powerful ultraviolet light that improves and expedites the process. By the end of a single appointment, your teeth could up to eight shades whiter!

After your procedure, we may also give you custom-fit mouth trays and a lower-concentration bleaching solution. This allows you to continue the whitening process at home. Be sure to follow our at-home instructions closely for a safer and more effective experience.

Benefits of Professional Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most sought after cosmetic modifications in the United States. Due to a growing demand, there is a wide-variety of whitening treatments available in the market today. However, most store-bought products generate lackluster results.

Drs. Summers and Hagerty specializes in professional whitening treatment because of its several advantages over store-bought alternatives. Professional whitening is, without a doubt, the safest and most effective way to brighten your smile. At-home products usually involve a lower concentration bleaching solution. Lack of professional supervision can also increase your risk of damaging your enamel and surrounding gum tissues.

Avoid Stains and Discolorations

One of the best things you can do to maintain a brighter smile is to avoid stains and discolorations altogether. Avoiding stains and discolorations after your whitening treatment is also an excellent way to improve the longevity of your results. We suggest limiting your consumption of foods and beverages high in acids, tannins, and pigments.

Regularly consuming berries, sauces (curries, tomato, soy), and other strongly-colored foods can lead to staining. The most common stain-causing beverages include black teas, coffee, sodas, and white and red wine. Daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing will minimize the effects of these foods and drinks.

Schedule Your Whitening Appointment

A brighter, more beautiful smile is just a phone call away! Call (541) 936-9222 to schedule your whitening appointment today!
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A brighter, more beautiful smile is just a phone call away! Call Calapooia Family Dental in Albany to schedule your teeth whitening appointment today! (541) 936-9222.
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