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Man sitting at desk looking at a digital dental impressionAt Calapooia Family Dental, our cutting-edge technology allows us to provide a supreme level of care for our patients. For instance, we now offer digital impressions thanks to a revolutionary device known as an intraoral scanner. Digital impressions have some advantages over traditional ones. Traditional impressions involve a material that is often messy, inconvenient, and uncomfortable.

How Do Digital Impressions Work?

The procedure for a digital impression is quick and minimally invasive. During your procedure, Dr. Summers or one of our dental assistants will use an intraoral scanner system, usually a pen-shaped device with a camera at the tip. The scanner is connected with special software that produces your impression.

An intraoral camera takes hundreds of pictures of your mouth, all while you watch on a chairside monitor. Our software then pieces together these images to create a highly accurate, three-dimensional representation of your teeth and gums. The entire process takes anywhere from 45 seconds to a minute and a half!

Why You May Need a Digital Impression

We may recommend a digital impression for a few reasons, some of which include:
•  Restorative Dentistry: If you have a severely damaged or decayed tooth, you may need a dental crown. A digital impression can help us determine the size and shape of your new restoration with an unmatched level of precision. If you are missing a tooth, a digital impression can also be used to fabricate a fixed bridge or implant-supported crown.
•  Orthodontics: A digital impression may also be the easiest and least invasive way to develop an appropriate orthodontic treatment plan. Along with your initial impression, we can use special software to determine the ideal position for each tooth and how they should be moved. Orthodontic treatments like clear aligner trays are more effective and comfortable thanks to digital impressions.
•  Diagnosis of Dental Problems: Intraoral scanners allow us to diagnose minor instances of decay, gum disease, and other structural damage that may not be visible to the naked eye. In this way, a digital impression can help us catch problems early on, before they develop into major complications.

Digital impressions have changed the fabrication process when it comes to restorative treatments like dental crowns, inlays/onlays, and bridges. CEREC® and other “same-day” systems allow us to design, fabricate, and place your new restoration during a single visit. We can now prepare the tooth and place your permanent restoration without scheduling multiple appointments.

Benefits of Digital Impressions

Digital impressions have significantly improved the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosing and correcting many different oral health problems. They can also save you a considerable amount of time in the dental chair, allowing for same-day restorations and faster orthodontic treatment. In many ways, digital impressions are a superior alternative to physical ones, which involve messy and uncomfortable materials.

Digital impressions reduce or eliminate the errors and inaccuracies associated with traditional methods. Your scan will also be stored electronically, making it easier to share with specialists and other dentists if necessary. These scans are also faster than traditional materials, which take time to harden before your impression is complete.

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You, too, could benefit from a digital impression, especially if you are in need of orthodontic or restorative treatment. Call (541) 936-9222 to schedule your appointment today!
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You too can benefit from a digital impression, especially if you are in need of orthodontic or restorative treatment. Call for an appointment today (541) 936-9222.
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