Dental Veneers

Rendering of jaw with porcelain veneer on toothAt Calapooia Family Dental, we offer veneers as a conservative alternative to dental crowns. One or more veneers can drastically improve the cosmetics of your smile. We may recommend veneers for anything from minor chips to major abnormalities.

What Is a Veneer?

A veneer is a razor-thin shell, usually made from porcelain that we use to improve the appearance of an anterior (front) tooth. These teeth are in your visible smile line, making cosmetic issues much more noticeable. Their position also prevents the need for a full coverage dental crown, because they do not experience the strongest forces of your bite, unlike your molars and premolars.

Veneers are designed to cover the visible portion of a tooth. They can be used to correct a wide variety of cosmetic issues, some of which include:
•  Teeth that are chipped or fractured
•  Teeth that are gapped misshapen, or crooked
•  Teeth with severe discoloration or stains that do not respond to whitening treatment
•  Teeth that are otherwise displeasing to the eye

Veneers are made from either porcelain or a putty-like substance known as composite resin. We typically recommend porcelain veneers due to improved durability and esthetics. Not only is porcelain stronger than composite, but it also looks virtually-indistinguishable from natural enamel.

Veneer Process

During a brief consultation, Dr. Summers or Dr. Hagerty will be able to determine whether or not you qualify for veneers. We may use digital impressions and other 3D imaging technology to see if you are a suitable candidate. Once we conclude that veneers are right for you, we can schedule your procedure.

The veneer procedure is generally considered irreversible, due to a minor reshaping of the enamel. We typically need to remove a very small portion of the tooth to accommodate the thickness of the veneer. After the tooth is properly prepared, we take an impression, which we use to fabricate your final veneers.

The number of teeth we prepare, and veneers you receive, depends on your desired results. Some patients only need one, while others choose five or six. Be sure to ask questions and voice concerns during your initial consultation. We want your new teeth to reflect the smile of your dreams!

Once your veneers are ready, we can schedule your final appointment. During this visit, we will check the fit and margins of each veneer. A well-fit veneer does not affect your bite. We may need to trim excess material and make last-minute adjustments to ensure the perfect fit. We then use a very strong adhesive to permanently secure the veneer to your enamel.

Benefits of a Veneer

Veneers are considered a conservative alternative to full-coverage crowns. The benefits of a conservative restoration include:
•  Preserved Tooth Structure: Preserving more healthy enamel can result in better restoration longevity and long term oral health.
•  Biocompatibility: Gum tissue generally tolerates porcelain and other ceramic materials very well, reducing your risk of complications.
•  Stain Resistance: Porcelain is stain resistant, allowing you to maintain a brighter, more beautiful smile for years to come.
•  Improved Esthetics: Your veneers will be designed to improve the cosmetics of your visible smile.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation

You, too, could benefit from veneers, especially if you are concerned with the esthetics of your smile! Call (541) 936-9222 to schedule your consultation today!
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You can benefit from dental veneers, especially if you are concerned with the aesthetics of your smile! Call us to schedule your consultation today! (541) 936-9222
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