Dental Crown

Rendering of dental crownSometimes, a tooth may be so badly decayed or damage that a full-coverage dental restoration is necessary. One of our most common restorative procedures involves the placement of a dental crown. At Calapooia Family Dental, we offer durable, precisely-fit, and esthetically-pleasing dental crowns to help improve the structure and appearance of your smile!

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is tooth-shaped restoration that covers the entire visible portion of a damaged tooth. A crown can also be used to make cosmetic improvements to a discolored, cracked, chipped, abnormally-shaped, or otherwise unsightly tooth.

There are several types of dental crowns made from a wide-variety of restorative materials. The type of crown we recommend depends on the location of the tooth and your individual preferences. These days, porcelain crowns are the most popular choice.

Porcelain can be shaped and textured to make the appearance of a tooth. This ceramic material also possesses the same light-reflective properties as natural enamel, making your crown virtually identical to your surrounding teeth. Zirconia is also an excellent ceramic option, especially for teeth that need to withstand the strongest pressures of your bite. Some patients opt for silver or gold crowns due to their exceptional durability.

Dental Crown Procedure

In most cases, the crown procedure is usually split up into two appointments. However, new technology also allows for "same day" crowns, which are fabricated and placed within a single visit. Both types of procedures follow the same basic steps.

During your first appointment, Dr. Summers or Dr. Hagerty will prepare the tooth to receive the crown. This usually involves reshaping both damaged and healthy tooth material to accommodate the size and shape of the crown. Once the tooth is completely reshaped, we will take a physical or digital impression.

The impression will be used to create a 3D model of your newly-shaped tooth. Then, our dental laboratory will fabricate your crown to the exact dimensions of this model. The fabrication process of a conventional crown usually takes a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we may provide you with a temporary restoration to protect the tooth.

Once the fabrication process is complete, we will remove the temporary and bond your permanent crown to your enamel. Same day crowns eliminate the need for a temporary. Before you leave our office, Dr. Summers or Dr. Hagerty will check the margins of your crown and make any last-minute adjustment to ensure the perfect fit.

Who Is in Need of a Dental Crown?

We may recommend a crown if:
•  You have extensive decay too large for a filling
•  You have recently undergone root canal therapy
•  You have a fractured, worn down, or weakened tooth
•  You want to make a significant cosmetic modification to a tooth

After You Receive Your Crown

After it is in place, your crown should feel, look, and function just like a natural tooth. However, much like your natural teeth, your crown is also susceptible to damage. The tooth structure underneath the crown is still at risk for decay without daily brushing and flossing.

To prevent potential problems, be sure to implement a strong oral hygiene regimen. Routine checkups and professional cleanings are also an important part of crown maintenance. With the proper care, your crown should last for several decades or even a lifetime!

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We offer durable, precisely-fit, and aesthetically-pleasing dental crowns to help improve the structure and appearance of your smile!!! Call us at (541) 936-9222.
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