Cosmetic Crowns

Rendering of jaw with dental crownAt Calapooia Family Dental, we specialize in several cosmetic treatments designed improve the appearance of your smile. One of these treatments involves the placement of a dental crown. Crowns are unique in that they provide both cosmetic and restorative value.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers the visible portion of a tooth. We usually recommend a dental crown for a tooth that is severely damaged or decayed. These days, crowns can be fabricated using a variety of materials.

Aesthetically-pleasing crowns are usually made from composite resin, porcelain, or zirconia. The latter two materials provide an unmatched level of durability and longevity, especially zirconia. Both materials are also virtually-indistinguishable from natural enamel, even possessing the same light-reflective properties.

We may recommend a cosmetic crown to:
•  Restore a badly damaged or decay tooth
•  Restore a discolored or disfigured tooth
•  Restore a tooth that is severely worn down
•  Otherwise make a cosmetic modification

A crown can also be used to improve the appearance of your smile if you are missing a tooth. A bridge consists of two crowns linked together by a pontic or false tooth. Alternatively, we may attach a crown to a dental implant, which serves as the root component.

Conventional Crown Procedure

The dental crown process begins with a consultation appointment, so we can determine whether or not you qualify for treatment. Once we conclude that you are a suitable candidate, we can schedule your procedure. The procedure for a conventional crown is usually broken up into two or three appointments.

During your first appointment, we will prepare the tooth in question. Preparation for a crown involves completely reshaping the enamel to accommodate the size and shape of the restoration. After the tooth is properly prepared, we will take an impression or mold, which we then turn into a 3D model.

Our laboratory technician will use this model to fabricate your final crown. The fabrication process typically takes a couple weeks to complete. In the meantime, Dr. Summers or Dr. Hagerty may give you temporary crown to protect the tooth, and restore your ability to properly chew and speak.

Once your permanent crown is ready, we can schedule your final appointment. During this appointment, we will remove the temporary and check the margins of your new restoration. We may need to make some last-minute adjustments before we permanently bond the crown to your tooth.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

A dental crown may be the ideal solution for you due to its several benefits over other cosmetic treatments. Above all else, a crown can improve the structure and appearance of a severely damaged tooth. Crowns also tend to be more durable than veneers and bondings, their conservative counterparts.

Crowns not only restore your teeth to their former glory, but they can also even make your smile more beautiful than before. We can choose a shade of porcelain that brightens your smile and gives you whiter teeth!

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We specialize in several cosmetic treatments designed improve the appearance of your smile. One of these treatments involves the placement of a dental crown.
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